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  • We provide national coverage in France and Monaco.
  • We work on a Fixed Fee Basic
  • We will inform you as soon as we receive your documents.
  • Our network of fully qualified and authorised  French Judicial Officers ‘Huissier de Justice’ will get your documents served  effectively within the European regulations or the Hague Convention (where appropriate).
  • We ensure that the service of your documents will be dealt in accordance with local national Laws and served in reasonable timescale.
  • We offer a multilingual service and we provide you with a certificate of service in English upon successful service.
  • We continually reviewing procedure and legislation to assure a long term service of quality to our clients.



Where service cannot proceed because of the unknown whereabouts of the respondent, we offer a trace enquiries service for an additional fee , but this service will not commence without prior agreement with our client. This service should locate the person and make the matter progress.


Each year in France, 15 000 people disappear without trace. Some are located , but many are never seen again.

"Not knowing whether someone close is dead or alive results in unspeakable anguish, anger and profound feelings of injustice which hamper grieving and prevent subjects from starting life afresh".

Anglo French Research has located many missing persons. Recent cases involve :

  • a mother & vulnerable child found safe and well
  • USA murder suspect located and subsequently arrested returning to US
  • Israeli soldier missing for 30 years
  • Lost documents relating to a brother who died at birth almost 50 years ago
  • Geneology and Inheritance research
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